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MTL5045 Isolating Driver 4/20mA for I/P Converters

MTL5045 Isolating Driver 4/20mA for I/P Converters

Manufacturer : MTL Instruments
Number of channels: One
Location of load: Zone 0, IIC, T4–6 hazardous areas if suitably
certified Div. 1, Group A hazardous location
Safe-area input: Signal range: 4 to 20mA
Under/over range: 0 to 24mA
Hazardous-area output: mAximum load resistance: 800O (16V at 20mA)
Output resistance: >2MO
Input voltage drop: <4V at 20mA
Input and output circuit ripple: <40µA peak-to-peak
Transfer accuracy at 20°C: Better than 20µA
Temperature drift: <1µA/°C
Response time: Settles to within 10% of the final value within 250µs
LED indicator : Green: power indication
Supply voltage: 20 to 35V dc

Maximum current consumption
50mA at 24V
60mA at 20V
40mA at 35V

Maximum power dissipation within the unit (with 20mA signal)
1.0W at 24V
1.1W at 35V

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