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Siemens Flame controller LAE10

Siemens Flame Controller LAE10

-brand Siemens
-Made in Germany
-OjbvBOI175K1- Complete reference: LAE10
– Plug-in design and consists of a power supply section, flame signal amplifier, flame relay, an auxiliary relay for controlling the flame detector or the flame simulation test, and a flame indication lamp located in the unit cover behind a viewing window.
– The electrical circuit is intrinsically safe in connection with the LEC10 control unit – is tested in respect of proper functioning each time the burner is started up. The plug-in bases – like the housing – are made of impact-proof and heat-resistant plastic-
– Automatic light simulation test by increasing the sensitivity of the amplifier during the burner off and the purging times of the LEC10 control unit control.
– Flame detectors: RAR9…
– Power supply: AC 220- 240 V
– Degree of protein: IP40
– Temperature range: -20…+60ºC

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