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Deif TAC-311DG AC Current Single Function Transducer


Deif TAC-311DG AC Current Single Function Transducer

Single-signal current Transducer DEIF TAC-311DG

Accuracy class
Input current
0-1, 0-5 A (45 … 65 Hz)
Overload capacity
2 IN for a long time, 10 IN for 10 seconds
Output signal range
Current – 0 … 1 mA, 0 … 5 mA, 0 … 10 mA, 0 … 20 mA, 4 … 20 mA (only for TAC-311)
Voltage – 0 … 1 V, 0 … 10 V
Supply voltage (only for TAC-311)
110-440 VAC or 24-220 VDC
Overall dimensions
55 × 75 × 110
The TAC-311DG ​​is a single-function AC converter manufactured by DEIF. This device is ideal for measuring sinusoidal AC currents, which are converted to a DC signal proportional to the measured value in a single-phase network. Therefore, it deals with PLCs, microprocessors, indicators, and the like.

TAC-311, TAC-321 current Transducer is designed to convert the average rectified sinusoidal current value into a DC voltage or current signal proportional to it. Measurement inputs, supply inputs, and outputs are galvanically isolated from each other. The TAC-321 Transducer differs from the TAC-311 in that it does not require an auxiliary power supply and does not have a 4… 20 mA output signal. The parameters of the output signal make it possible to use it in control circuits of programmable controllers, in microprocessor indicating devices, in alarm units, etc.

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